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OSHO is a national institution working amidst the economic knowledge to facilitate the requirements of both the public and the private sectors specifically concerned about protecting the worker and the working environment at the national and regional levels in order to reach more effective production and progress through the following:

Improve and Innovate services linked with the Centre’s fields of work.

Provide and Publish information and insights on the science of the working environment and the public environments.

Conduct studies and extensive research.

Provide educational opportunities and specialized training.

Introduce Consultants and Experts both nationally and internationally, who are specialized in the center’s fields, and benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Provide national expertise to reach the Centre’s goals and provide the needs of the beneficiaries

  • Osho – Conference

    Osho – Conference

  • Osho – isometric view

    Osho – isometric view

  • Osho – Office

    Osho – Office

  • Osho – Reception

    Osho – Reception

  • Osho – Shelving

    Osho – Shelving

  • Osho – training room

    Osho – training room