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Silah Call Contact Center Bahrain won an award (the Doha GCC Interior Design Awards 2011) in the category ‘Best Contact Center’ GCC.

The genius design of the flower-shaped callers desk created an ‘office’ feel rather than that of a call center. The time less color scheme, heavy duty material selection, and acoustics of the ceiling, flooring, and furniture helped to create a successful and enjoyable workplace for all staff and management.

Silah Gulf is a company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain that specializes in customer management and contact center services. The company is a joint venture between Bahrain’s e-Government Authority and the UK-based company Merchants. Silah is recognized by the Bahrain’s Government as the official National Contact Centre.

The joint venture was an initiative by the e-Government Authority to create a world class outsourcing business that could offer exceptional operational support to companies in the Gulf region. Through this venture Silah Gulf has access to over 29 years of experience and over 400 contact centers.

  • Silah – Canteen

    Silah – Canteen

  • Silah – Interior

    Silah – Interior

  • Silah – Lobby

    Silah – Lobby

  • Silah – Lounge

    Silah – Lounge

  • Silah – Open Plan

    Silah – Open Plan

  • Silah – Reception

    Silah – Reception